1. What size of garage can I build on my property?
Your Lot Size determines the size of the garage. In the City of Winnipeg you are allowed to construct up to 12.5% of your Lot size, up to a maximum of 880 Square Feet. For all other locations, Please see your local Municipality office for direction.
2. What If I exceed 880 Square feet? Am I still able to build the garage size that I want?
If your proposed garage exceeds the maximum 880 square footage as outlined by the City of Winnipeg, then we must move to either a Tolerance or Variance. Tolerance to tolerate slightly over the specified square footage. Variance to Vary the building by­law as outlined by the City of Winnipeg or local Municipality.
3. Who looks after Permits, Variances, and Tolerances?
As part of the process in the design and build of your new proposed garage, Bayward Builders Ltd will look after all applications for Permits, Variances and Tolerances. The associated costs of these applications will be given during the site visit for estimation of your proposed garage build.
4. Who will attend during the construction process to oversee work being done?
Bayward Builders Ltd will visit the site during each and every step during the construction process. These visits are important to us as we can be sure there are no shortcuts being taken by our contractors and that the construction process runs smoothly without any unforeseen instances. We are Garage Masters in our own right and that is why you have chosen Bayward Builders ltd. to construct your new garage.
5. We want to build an attached living suite above or beside the Garage, can we?
Each municipality is different when it comes to attached suites or “ Granny suites” as they are often referred to. They do require a different approach to an ordinary detached garage build. Bayward Builders Ltd. can guide you through the process and help with any available grants that maybe available through Manitoba Housing.
6. Now that I have chosen Bayward Builders Ltd. to construct my garage, while you are here can you do other work?
Yes we can! That is common during a garage build. We can help you with Fencing, Decks, Entry Doors, Windows, Roofing, Siding or any interior renovation you may have in mind.
7. Do I need to be home during the construction of my new garage?
We only require you to be home during the electrical portion of the build. Our Electrician will require access to your Electrical panel in order to install a Power supply to the new garage. You will be given fair notice as not to disrupt your daily schedule. For all other trades as long as we have adequate access, No you do not need to be home, our contractors will come and go as the build progresses. We do require access to an exterior plug, as well as access to an outside water tap.

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