In light of the recent developments and the constant progress of the Corona Virus, rest assure that Bayward Builders is taking this matter very seriously.  Our number one concern at this point is to “flatten the curve” and by no means put anyone of our customers, potential customers, our workers, or us at risk with this virus. We acknowledge that all of our workers, customers and all of us share the same challenges in this current world wide dilemma.

We are currently open for business,  but, we are now following all of the  preventative safety protocol we possibly can. Keep in mind, we do not have any crews over 4 people and our specialized trade crews are very rarely on the same site at the same time.

Please note that these safety measures are not only for our customers but also for us and our workers. We also have vulnerable family members and friends with compromised immune systems and we need the cooperation from all of our customers/clients to also comply to these rules.

Here’s some of the key safety rules we have now implemented:

– we will not be entering residents homes, shaking hands, fist pumping and or any other physical greeting with customers, clients and or trades as to adhere to the 2 meter spacial separation

– on site appointments and or work will be limited to outside only and or non-occupied dwellings or in special cases where spacial separation of 2 meters can be followed

– upon exit of your property we will now be wiping down common used items such as gate latches, door handles, exterior faucet, exterior electrical outlets

– we have been in the past, and will continue to remove all of the waste & garbage from your property and properly dispose of it

– we have several options of payment available to keep the spacial separation rule including: cheques in envelopes at an agreed to location, e-transfer, and some credit card options also available upon request

We will remain in close contact with all of our trades, suppliers, vendors, customers etc. via emails, texting, conference calls and or video calls  as to not impact quality control or errors moving forward. Quality and communication with customers and trades will still be our forefront of project management while maintaining a safe work environment for all. Project management on-site quality control measures will still be part of our standard procedure but with these added precautionary rules we have listed.

On a personal note, Winnipegers are tough robust individuals. Even if your not using our services, I believe that it is all up to us as a community to come together and support our local economy that needs to keep going in hard times by supporting ALL small local businesses around you if you can. Let’s all do what we can to keep everyone safe through this uncharted territory and keep positive.  We have no choice but to ride the storm out, but let’s all do it with compassion and safety for others, as this all will subside eventually. Winnipeg is doing better than most, so we need to keep up the good work as there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay Safe!

Thank  You,

Darryl Labay


Bayward Builders Ltd.